Avery & Ivory Capital, LLC

Avery & Ivory Capital, LLC invests in the Multifamily industry in Houston, TX. We partner with those seeking cash flow and strong long-term returns.

Avery and Ivory Capital - Staying Consistent

Jerome and his wife Deondra Dawson-Johnson founded Avery & Ivory Capital LLC with the goal of staying consistent with sound investments in multifamily. Our team has extensive experience in Houston and surrounding areas and dedicated to optimizing value for investors in acquisitions, asset management, and exits in multifamily investing. 

Looking for direction and inspiration, willing to take a gamble. Business woman working at an office, vintage

Why invest with Avery & Ivory Capital?

Clearly communicated business plans for the investors peace of mind.

Committed to the age old model of value add investments.

Experts in Houston and surrounding areas.

Let's partner

Thank you for your interest in working with us. To hear about our future opportunities please fill out this form and we will schedule a time to learn how we can best assist you in your investment goals.

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